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First Visit


Initial examination
Your first appointment is a clinical examination to determine your orthodontic needs. Dr. Demro specializes in correcting problems with teeth and jaws that are malaligned or out of position. We will talk about any problems she discovers and describe the necessary corrective treatment. We'll also talk about how much it's likely to cost and about approximate treatment time.
  Diagnostic Records  

If the examination indicates the need for treatment, records will be taken to help the doctor study the problems and determine what should be done about them. This appointment consists of the following procedures:

  • Plaster models of the teeth so that we may measure tooth size and relationship.
  • X-rays to determine the jaw relations and the relationship of the teeth to the jaw bones and to the face (an x-ray not taken by your general dentist.)
  • Photographs for the study of facial balance and contour.

We will also contact your general dentist to request any additional x-rays which may be needed.

One parent should be present at this appointment. You will complete a health history, and set any additional appointments.

A fee will be charged for the fabrication of these records. If you have any questions about fees, please feel free to ask.

  Consultation and case presentation will be scheduled after the records are taken. If patient is a minor, both parents and patient should be present at this appointment. We will discuss our treatment goals, methods to achieve those goals, the expected length of treatment, the great importance of your cooperation, and the total cost along with payment schedule. Once we have agreed on a treatment plan, the appropriate appointment will be scheduled to get started.
  Financial policies  
  We welcome a frank discussion of services and fees prior to treatment in order to avoid misunderstandings. The financial obligation of the treatment we render to you is your responsibility. At the time of consultation, a full financial disclosure for treatment will be made and agreed upon by our office as well as by the parent/patient. Our fee includes all appliances, x-rays and office visits required to complete the planned treatment in our office and a set of retainers and retainer adjustments following active treatment. The fee does not cover any work done in any other dental office and/or laboratory. An additional fee would apply should retainers be lost of broken or require replacement. Your investment will be divided into approximately the total time in treatment with a down-payment or initial fee due when treatment has begun. Thereafter, a payment will be due on an agreed upon date each month. At the time we begin treatment, you will be provided with a payment schedule for your convenience in remembering monthly payments. The frequency of office visits has no bearing on monthly payments and, thus, the monthly payment schedule does not correspond to the service received that month. The payment schedule is merely a convenient way to track your total financial obligation.
  There are many different kinds of insurance plans. In you have orthodontic coverage, please contact your insurance company representative or personnel office for an explanation of your benefits. Please bring information about your insurance plan to the consultation appointment.
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