The Staff

We are proud to offer years of combined orthodontic experience in a positive, caring, state-of-the-art environment


Administrative Staff


Treatment Coordinator - Stephanie


I am Dr. Demro’s treatment coordinator and I am here to help all of our patients through the process of achieving a perfect smile.  I work with patients of all ages and love being able to help them gain self-confidence and self-esteem by creating a beautiful smile. 

Financial Coordinator - Connie

I have worked with Dr. Demro and our team since 2003. I always enjoy working with our patients and families,
whether I'm scheduling an appointment or working with their financial needs. It's very exciting to see the results of treatment and the beautiful smiles Dr. Demro creates.

Communications Coordinator - Esta

I have been a member of Dr. Demro's team since 1998 as Communications Coordinator. I believe communication between doctors, patients and parents is so very important. Seeing how great smiles give patients confidence and how it makes them feel good about themselves is why I enjoy working for Dr. Demro.

Scheduling Coordinator - Megan

I am Dr. Demro’s scheduling coordinator.  I have been a member of her team since May of 2017.  Being a former patient of Dr. Demro’s myself, I find it rewarding to see her shaping our patients smiles!!





Laboratory Technician- Denise

I have worked in orthodontics since 1973, working with Dr. Demro since 1990.  My job entails fabrication of all retainers and final design of study models for each case.  I enjoy the dental environment, especially seeing the final result and the smile on a patient’s face when the “braces” are removed.

Dental Assistant - Stacy

I have been a dental assistant with Dr. Demro's orthodontic practice since 1998. I truly enjoy being around the patients and helping to create their beautiful smiles!

Dental Assistant - Bailey 

I work for Dr. Demro as one of her dental assistants.  I really enjoy getting to know all of the patients and seeing them enjoy their beautiful smiles!”

Dental Assistant - Caitlan 

I am Caitlan, I currently work as an orthodontic dental assistant, and have been for the past 3 years. I graduated from Des Moines area Community College in August of 2014. My favorite part of working in ortho, is seeing it's before and after photo's and seeing how I helped in improving their smile. Recently I just got engaged and moved here to North Iowa. In my home town, I enjoy hiking, biking and Shopping!

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